Yoga gives me such an experience which is reincarnation of past life.

As I always feel I am close to the supreme power who shows me the way in spiritual life. in spiritual life. I have 7 years field experience of teaching Yoga with a mass of people who suffer from common disease. I show them the way of practicing Yoga and the use of Ayurveda in daily life. Millions of people Practice Yoga every morning in Nepal and India. Regular practicing of Yoga gives you full transformation in human body with in 9 months. My experience is that I go deeply to the inner side and feel myself that Yoga is to know about yourself.

My My mission in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda is to give better health to the people who are suffering from physical and mental disease and to promote traditional Patanjali Yoga in the western society. This package of Yoga is disease based Yoga and to make positive thinking.


Full Name Siddha Raj Joshi
Nationality Nepali
Birthday 23th of May
Place of Birth Payal-1 Achham
Language Nepali, English, Hindi, Czech (beginner)
Profession Principal Yoga Teacher
  • One year Diploma Computer course
  • Principal Yoga training teacher
          Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust
          Uttarkhand, Haridwar
  • Acupressure Training
  • Attended international Conference on
          “Yoga for health and social transformation”
Formal degree Completed Bachelor’s degree
  Faculty of Education
  Tribhuwan University
  Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Started Practicing Yoga in 2005 in Nepal
  • Joined assistant Yoga teachers training in 2006
  • Attended many Yoga camps in Nepal and India during the years
  • Worked as an assistant Yoga teacher in 2007
  • Taught Yoga in regular Yoga classes the same year
  • Had more field experience from 2007 with the people who suffered from diseases like migraine, high blood pressure, arthritis, hepatitis, cancer, heart diseases
  • Started teaching Yoga in 2007 for a large mass of people.
  • Gave many Yoga teachers training for an assistant and a deputy Yoga teacher in 2008
  • Worked in Patanjali Yog Samiti district committee as a vice president for three years since 2008
  • Gave a lot of trainings in Kathmandu for tourists from 2008
  • Taught Yoga in schools and colleges for students from 2008
  • Taught Yoga in British Gorkha Army camp for Foreigner and Nepalese for one and a half years in 2009
  • Gave Yoga teacher training in hotels for a couple of months in 2009
  • Attended 1 week principle Yoga teacher training in Patanjali Yog Peeth trust by Swami Ram Dev ji Maharaj in 2010 January
  • Got a chance to teach Yoga in Thailand for 15 days in February
  • Had a chance to teach Yoga in Czech Republic from 2010 to 2012
  • Taught Yoga in hospital and Yoga studios in 2011
  • Organized weekend seminars in the Czech Republic in 2011
  • Taught Yoga for role models over there in 2011
  • Worked as a officer in Patanjali Yog Samiti in 2012
  • Got a chance to join second international conference on Yoga for health and social transformation in Patanjali Yog Peeth in 2013 January
  • Had a chance to get advanced training by Swami Ram Dev Ji Maharaj in January 2013.




  • I taught Yoga in Police Headquater in Nepal for 5 days
  • Taught Yoga in Cardiac vascular disease specialized Hospital IKEM in the Czech republic
  • Taught Yoga in Motol Hospital in the Czech republic
  • I taught Yoga in so many prisons in Nepal
  • Taught Yoga for pharmacists in Kathmandu for a couple of week


Yoga is complete in every aspect because it touches every sphere of human life. It is a complete science, a complete life style and a complete way of living. Yoga is a philosophy of life, a self-discipline and therefore a complete system of medicine.

Patanjali Yoga was originated by Maharishi Patanjali about 2000 years ago. He is known as the founder of Aastang Yoga. Maharishi Patanjali mostly focus on 8 steps of Aastang Yoga. They are:

  • Yam (self-restraint)
  • Niyama (Scriptural rules)
  • Ashanas
  • Pranayama
  • Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses from their subjects)
  • Dharna (concentration)
  • Dhyan (meditation)
  • Samadhi (transcendental meditation)

Maharishi Patanjali goes into inner side deeply and feels these steps himself and makes the human being close to the supreme power and gives purity to the soul. He wrote Yoga sutras which show the meaning of Yoga and philosophy of Yoga.

According to Yoga Upanishad Yoga is divided into four forms:

  • Mantra Yoga
  • Laya Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Raj Yoga

Among them Patanjali focus Hatha Yoga which is the part of Aastang Yoga. Patanjali Yoga is the ancient Yoga which focuses Yoga and Ayurveda which is very helpful to control the disease, concentrate mind and get high level of spiritualization. It increases harmony, gives us a peaceful and pleasant life. This Yoga is disease based Yoga specially combination of pranayama, aasanas and meditation which heals the body mind and spirit. So to get a better human life practice traditional Patanjali Yoga. This type of Yoga never discriminates any religion, caste and the people so practicing Patanjali Yoga makes better health and disease free society.





Private classes normally take you deeper into yourself. If you try to practice Yoga in a peaceful environment you can heal the body and control the disease by yourself.

I offer private classes from every area for those who are suffering from some illness. Private classes for a young generation, Private classes for mature people, Acupressure classes. Private classes are more powerful and beneficial especially for people with some disease. It works with the Harmony and connects the mind with the soul. In Private classes we focus more on right timing, right method and noble resolution.

Private lessons take place at your home. In special cases we can arrange private lessons in our place. Private lessons will be reserved according to the timing of Yoga practitioners.


In summer, while the weather allows us, lets join my practicing class and excercise in a way which is most common in Nepal and India. While practicing Yoga in open space it is always better to be with more people. Sharing of energy is more intense even more than in studio classes.

I will be happy to welcom you at the Letna Park three times a week since 8 a.m. Please choose your dan in the secion Schedule and please visit also the Facebook event page.


Studio classes can be joined in a group. It is the traditional way of teaching and how Yoga becomes popular in our society and why Yoga is important for all generations Normally in group classes we share our energy with each other which has a good combination to all the participants.

I am happy to invite everyone to the Buddhist center Lotus in Dlouha 2 at Prague 1. Regular group classes, its timings and location you can find in the section Schedule.

If you plan to come for the first time please give me notice via Reservation a day before what time you want to come. Our space has some limits and is suitable for five, maximum seven people.


The composition of seminar is always something different from our expectation. Seminars period is quiet longer than our normal class and we have more time to debate and a discussion about our life style with the combination of Yoga and Ayurveda and we fully get into it deeper. Seminars will be during weekends with the flow of Yoga ashanas, pranayama, YogNidra, Ayurbeda acupressure, chanting mantras and Kirtan with full Harmony in the nature.

Please pay attention in the forthcoming weeks to my website and do not miss scheduled announcements of weekend seminars. If you get in touch with me by email, I also will inform you whenever new announcement will be released.



The etymological meaning of Yoga is “addition”. It means if we add people from different sectors who do more mental or physical work for those people Yoga gives refreshment to the mind and physically they can work longer time. Yoga brings not only health to your body but also enhances concentration of your mind. Companies and Corporation should try to motivate their employees to a greater level of productivity as well as to establish calm and peaceful cooperation in the team. To improve the economical condition of all the sectors, first of all good health is important for all the employees of the companies.

Employees can devote one hour of their usual relax time to Yoga. No special preconditions are required. Two square meters for one person and a common yogamat.

If we practice Yoga in the morning our whole day becomes fresh and we can easily work and if we join the classes in the evening we feel relaxed after the tiredness of the day and get nice bed rest.


I am happy to offer Hosted Classes to well established Yoga Studios or groups of Yoga practitioners who have already practiced Yoga before and would like to practice some traditional way which takes deeper to the high level of spiritualization. Regardless of what kind of Yoga you practice and currently enjoy feel free to taste my way which is rooted in the original Yoga invented by Saint Patanjali and is especially fruitful for health and uncovering unknown capabilities of your own mind.

Hosted Classes take place in your Studio or where your Yoga group usually practices Yoga. In case of your special interest it is also possible to host classes repeatedly or outside Prague.


Lecture is the way to present information or to teach people about a particular subject. In lectures we focus on history of Yoga, background and how Yoga can be beneficial for all the sectors of people. We discuss how Yoga can make a better lifestyle of the people who really struggle hard in a daily life. Yoga gives you knowledge how to breathe properly and some people even don’t know how to breathe. So everybody has the possibility to treat body themselves.

Let’s encourage the people to join Yoga and make a better lifestyle. In Lectures we concentrate on the scientific aspect of Yoga, Ayurveda and home remedies medicine. Lecture can be perform in health sectors, hospitals, schools, colleges, companies and other institutions.

I have prepared general lectures on common themes. But I am ready to discuss your special needs and prepare a custom lecture covering your requirements. Lectures usually take place in seminar halls. In the case of necessity we can also arrange a lecture in a space provided in our own place.

Please order at least 2 weeks before your appointed time.



Please make an reservation if you have found interest in one of the offered services. In case if your priority is not fulfilled in our offers you can send us email or contact through phone. We are ready to help you all the time.

Please take special care to the highlighted boxes. Other boxes are not necessary to fill in in all cases.


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District of Prague
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Although every online order is confirmed and finalized by phone call from us, you are free to place and order or just inquire your question on our reservation phone number:

+420 222 360 861





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